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Readers’ Views


I absolutely love it. I laughed, wept and was intrigued by the internecine struggles of Tyerman’s Dad with the journalist subaristos and raged that so little of anything has changed.



I’ve read and really enjoyed Tyerman’s book. I think she’s done her parents proud through her research and reflection on their lives. I learned a lot about journalism that I didn’t know as well as being reminded of the atmosphere of her (and my) growing up at a time of such great social change. It’s very readable and nicely produced too.



It’s a triumph and absolutely riveting. I have hardly put it down since it arrived and have just completed it in the small hours with the enchanting poem. Coming from a family of five myself I can relate to the fights and arguments and people storming out. It’s so good that Tyerman has managed to show what a power in the land her father was in his heyday but then treated so shoddily. Her gentle mother carried a heavy load. Not fulfilling one’s potential is often the price of motherhood and her mother had to do so much more to keep the show on the road. 



It’s a beautiful book. Tyerman’s writing is elegant, musical and evocative…. I must admit I cried a few times, mostly around the descriptions of her parents’ final days. I should add that we both thought the opening short chapter was a fantastic beginning. Sets up all the key elements in the tale with great economy and suspense, all through the lens of a single anecdote. Brilliant!


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